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How to create effective and powerful personal affirmation messages on Alexa

I love to surround myself with positive messages and affirmations that makes my daily life so much more enjoyable. I have pop ups on my mobile devices, decals on walls, and from time to time, I search online for ways to make it even more fun.

Enter the Amazon Echo

One Christmas, I received a little Amazon Echo and started playing around with it. I thought it was awesome how Alexa was able to respond to my numerous and probing requests. During the honeymoon period with the Echo, I searched for different skills to try and tried different ways to use it.

I had an idea to play my affirmations on Alexa and I could listen to them without having my mobile device nearby. At that point, I had bought more of those Echo things and stuck one in every room so I could play music just by saying the command.

I found a few skills in the Alexa store that play affirmations but nothing where I can customize and play my own affirmations. I tried a hack by using a to do list and memo recorder on Echo but it was not quite the same…

JupiCast editor

This free editor allows the user to add styles and emotions to text and listen to them in Alexa devices.

Demo video of this is available at the bottom of this article.

Register and log into

I’ve selected one of my favorite phrase of Confucius and pasted it on the editor:

Clicking on the listen on Alexa device button opened the JupiCast Skill page with instructions on how to listen to the casts.

In the JupiCast Listen skill, play feed plays all casts that have been shared in the editor. User has option to keep content private and only the creator is able to listen to them.

The play casts is only available when the user has linked the Alexa skill to the JupiCast account. Click here to learn how.

As my echo device is just right beside me, I launched it on my Echo by saying Open Jupicast Listen.

Following the instructions on Alexa, I played the Confucius phrase,

I decided parts of the phrase could be “boosted” for more impact so I added some voice emotions to different parts of the phrase and saved it.

The updated phrase sounds more expressive and realistic. I had fun messing with different words, combos, etc..

I started playing my casts daily when driving, cooking, or whenever I feel like listening to them at home, I simply say,

Alexa, Open Jupicast Listen

Short screen recording demo